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What's YOUR Story?

Gregg Gonzales, Founder & Artistic Director

Examples of published books which utilized The SpeakEasy Method:


Have you ever wanted to write something but held yourself back? Maybe it's a book, an article, or a blog that you haven’t started? Or maybe it's getting back to daily journaling that you have struggled with maintaining? 


Maybe you tell yourself…


“I don’t have the time to write.”

“I’m not a very good writer.”

“I don’t know where to would start.”

“I feel stuck.”


With The SpeakEasy Method, we help silence that inner voice and show you how it is possible. With our unique writing process centered around writing with your voice, our team will guide and support you as you begin the process of telling and sharing your story. 

Use The SpeakEasy Method to connect to yourself and your audience in unlimited ways…


Elevate your public presence -

  • First draft book production

  • Branding/content creation

  • Blogs/articles

  • Podcasts, video stories/YouTube scripts

  • Social media posts

  • Big & small screen/stage plays

  • Vocal photography storytelling

  • Short stories, poetry, song lyrics, etc.


Engage with your personal, local, and global community -

  • Community programs: schools, groups & organizations, large and small businesses

  • Social impact storytelling projects

  • Mementos, milestone and legacy gifts

  • Speaking engagement crafting and development


Deepen your personal development - 

  • Inter & intra-personal connection programs for individuals, families, businesses, corporations, etc.

  • At-home connection programs: parents, couples, young children, teens, young adults

  • Idea outlet/organized “brain-dumping”


Connect with your peers - 

  • *Conversations Worth Having initiative

  • On-the-road/mobile recording studio

  • SpeakEasy Method coaching/training program

  • Interactive events such as webinars, workshops and retreats

  • *Dozen Language Initiative - SpeakEasy Method used within a dozen of the world’s most spoken languages (English, Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, French, Arabic, Bengali, Russian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Urdu, German)


* Coming Soon!

What Our Clients are Saying...

What was your biggest obstacle or problem before you decided to use The SpeakEasy Method to write your book?   

"I had so much information in my head, that every time I went to write I got all "bottlenecked" and couldn't get it out. I had a hard time deciding where to start." - Melissa C.

"Time. I simply don’t have time to sit in front of a computer and write. As a busy mom and entrepreneur, my time is limited to myself and writing was simply a challenge." — Beth S.

Why would you recommend The SpeakEasy Method to someone who might be on the fence? 

"Best money I invested in myself to begin my journey of writing a book that had been in my heart for 20 years." — Kathy B.

"Without a doubt, it’s the best way to begin the writing of a book in my opinion. So quick and easy but enjoyable!" — Michael R.

What results have you gotten from using The SpeakEasy Method?  

"I have an actual manuscript to work from now." — Samantha R.

"Knowing how much I love to talk about my life and stories associated with it, being able to use my voice to write was a blessing!" — Lilly S.

What surprised you the most or made you the happiest about using The SpeakEasy Method? 

"I feel that after the recordings ended and I saw the finished product, I have a strong foundation to build my book from which I know would have taken me months or years to complete. I am beyond grateful to Gregg!"

— Matt B.

"I’m happy that I finally feel like I have begun a life-long dream and I am grateful to Gregg and the rest of his SpeakEasy team to help make this dream come true." — Barbara T. 

What exactly did you like most about using The SpeakEasy Method?

"I liked knowing that Gregg would take the interview into areas that I wouldn’t have thought to go. It was exciting but also nerve-racking at the same time, but in a very good way."

— Michelle D.

"I feel like a weight has been lifted by doing this. I also feel like I owned my story in a way I didn’t before, and I also enjoyed being interviewed which normally I don’t like!" — Timothy V.

"It was a huge relief to know all I had to do was talk my book out. I can talk all day!" — Kimberly O.

What are three benefits you've experienced as a result of using The SpeakEasy Method? 

"1. I feel empowered. 2. I have found my creative side again. 3. I’m excited about the next steps in bringing my book to life." — Roslyn G.

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