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SpeakEasy Method Story Projects

Unlock Your Voice.Unleash Your Creativity.



Before anything written is published and shared with the world, it begins life as a FIRST DRAFT. A common misconception is that all gifted writers can effortlessly express themselves and pour their words on paper or screen with effortlessness and ease. This is absolutely not always the case! 

It is crucial that you begin with a first draft to build a strong FOUNDATION, and that is exactly what The SpeakEasy Story Projects are all about. Our unique writing process is centered on connecting with and understanding people and their stories with the desire to represent them in a way that is authentic and genuine. By “writing with your voice," our team will show you the lasting impact of telling your story which goes beyond a finished transcript and a published book.

We will provide the “spark” to help you “jump start” your writing. Together, we will bring to life the theme, details, energy and scope of your story. Along with our affiliate team of specialists - from transcript proof editors, professional writing coaches, manuscript editors, printers and book binders, a publishing consultant, and PR/Marketing experts - we will work alongside you to make your dream of becoming a writer a reality.



The SpeakEasy Method specializes in a multitude of content creation projects, such as:

  • Book production - memoirs, auto-biographies, non-fiction/fiction stories, etc.

  • Content for blogs, podcasts, or video-casts for your personal or business pages

  • Personal, treasured mementos for birthdays, anniversaries, milestone events, seniors' reflections, etc.

  • Screen/stage plays

  • Articles for magazines or websites

  • Creative projects such as journals, cook books, guide/work books, lesson plans, etc.


All SpeakEasy Method Story Projects Include:


  • Be Creative” e-book to help inspire your personal story project.

  • Guide to Self-Publishing” PDF to answer any questions you may have about the publishing journey for your project. (designed specifically for book creators)

  • PRE-WRITING/PLANNING SESSION: Prior to beginning your creative project and before all recordings. (approx. 60 minute session)

  • DRAFTING/RECORDING SESSION: Personal and customized questions with a specific theme and audience for your creative project. (approx. 60 minute recording sessions)

  • REVISE & REVIEW/LISTENING SESSION: Accompany each recording to analyze the content captured in the recording session. (approx. 90 minute session done via Zoom post-Recording Sessions)

  • HIGHLIGHT EDITING: In addition to your edited transcripts, we will create a hands-on, customized "Highlights" document to show the "golden nuggets" that you have created in your sessions with SpeakEasy for you to build your ultimate final draft to create a lasting impact for your desired audience.

  • NEXT STEPS: Post-production Session to discuss next steps in the publishing process for your story project. (approx. 60 minute session) 

  • All audio and video recordings will be shared immediately after the interviews have been completed via Dropbox.

  • All recordings transcribed, edited and formatted. The approximate word count within an hour recording session is roughly 12,000 to 15,000 words. A digital, editable copy of the final transcription sent via email through Google Docs or your preferred delivery method. 

  • Introductions to publishing experts and publishing houses (if needed)

  • On-going guidance, inspiration and support throughout your story project journey.



45 Minute VIRTUAL SPARK Session:  

$100 USD 

60 Minute VIRTUAL SPARK Session:  

$200 USD


from $850 to $4,350 USD

depending on the size of your project

IN-PERSON (approx. 120,000 words produced over four days):  

from $6,000 USD

depending on the size of your project* 

*Price does NOT include travel and expenses; TBD based on client's location

Payment installments for Story Projects available upon request.

Have questions? Contact us for a 20 minute CONNECTION CALL and learn how you can get started TODAY!

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